About Us

We are a privately owned and operated enterprise dedicated to
crafting and delivering innovative luxurious chronographs.

Our Products

Whether you’re looking for that stunning addition to your collection, or the perfect gift for your loved ones, Prestej has something elegant and extraordinary for the most trendy tastemakers. Providing our stylish accessories is the consummate compliment for every occasion.


From our bold designs infused into every chronograph to our attention to detail, our luxurious product line promises to deliver to our customers the Prestej brand seal of approval. Prestej understands the relationship between feeling good and looking good. As the perfect accessory, a Prestej chronograph is the key to looking good and feeling Prestejious.


Mission Statement

We believe the name we build for ourselves is crucial to our long-term success. Here at Prestej, we’re in business to maintain a superior standard of quality and value. By following our three directives, Prestej distinguishes itself from any other brands that place pricing above product excellence and customer satisfaction.



1. To Achieve Supreme Quality
2. To Design & Create Innovative Prestej Products Utilizing the            Latest Technology.
3. To Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service

At Prestej, our customers are our priority and the purpose for our existence. We take pride in exceeding your expectations, while focusing on building enduring relationships. Explore our offerings today at Prestej, and let us ensure an experience of complete satisfaction!

Vision Statement

By gathering inspiration from the horology community, we aim to become a full service brand offering elite luxury timepieces with an attractive price structure for every prospective Prestej customer. Moreover, we envision an online store that allows Prestej csutomers to find perfect chronographs and exquisite accessories all in one place-the world of Prestej.